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What is in a name?

In the Bible…humans are naming creatures….. And let’s face it… We love to name things. Who wouldn’t love to name a dinosaur? How about naming children? What about when we tell a story, analyze it and figure out what is really going on so we can “name it”. Its important, its our job….its fun 🙂 … Continue reading


wow. RT @sophiaphotos: Some stats on trans youth and how much supportive parents matter #LeelahAlcorn pic.twitter.com/SZNBWMZEI0 — mylifeasprose (@mylifeasprose) December 31, 2014

If your having trouble today, tomorow or anytime…

For ALL TRANS PEOPLE today, if you are struggling, please call Trans Lifeline: US: (877) 565-8860 Canada: (877) 330-6366

#LBQT Happy Coming Out Week, friendly note: don’t preach hate as gospel

Notes from my trans sister…. Important note about the evangelists on campus: A reminder that that is NOT what Christianity usually means. Christianity is about love and grace, about finding and defining yourself and the world in relation to God and their love. Christianity does not have to mean hatred, exclusivity, or fear of retribution. … Continue reading

Preach Sister #queer #love #theology #Jesus

Christianity is about love and grace, about finding and defining yourself and the world in relation to God and their love. Continue reading

@ealperin #CisG…

@ealperin #CisGaze is when my mom says “Why change what God has given you?” When, in fact, my God says, “Oh, no! I’m not finished making you, yet.” #YESALLWOMEN Yesallwomen, cisgaze, God, creation

Queer Creation: A synchroblog!!!

May thanks to my AMAZING sister who wrote this essay in response to my questions!!!! What is your favorite series to read? How does it relate to your real life experience? Does it help to inform who you are/want to be? Well any week that you ask me this I’m likely to have a different … Continue reading

Queer Theology

On Oct. 1st I’m going to be asking my sister Nat to help me to do a queer theology syncroblog since I am depressingly straight and normal (luckily my theological fascination with fantasy tends to make up for it) Here are the questions I hope she will be answering….. If you know someone who can enrich … Continue reading

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