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#ashwednesday is for….

I confess myself and seek God…because to me, they are the same thing…. Continue reading


#Christianity, you keep saying that word, I don’t think it means what you think it means

1. Christianity to me isn’t about finding all the answers, but asking the essential questions (look at the Gospel its people asking Christ ?s and Christ asking people ?s) gathering together and acknowledging that God is bigger and greater than our understanding of things, and we’d rather see thing more God’s way than our own … Continue reading

My Being #poor : Personal Thoughts

I didn’t know how poor we were. I mean on the one hand, I knew we were living paycheck to paycheck for going on 5 yrs I knew we have ongoing credit card debt But our credit is ok We eat healthy food We are able to provide for our 3, yep that’s right 3 … Continue reading

Open to relationships

My colleague Rachel Young wrote an interesting piece about being missional http://pres-outlook.org/2015/02/can-introverts-missional/ which reminds me of an ongoing conversation that I have with people. I try, try, try to practice trust, and yet still be safe. Its a particular balance. It means that sometimes your credit and debit cards get stolen right out of the … Continue reading

http://www.mbird.com/2009/06/theologian-of-glory-vs-theologian-of/ Ok, so according to this I am more a theologian of the glory than a theologian of the cross…sad day…wonder if these terms should be more of a balance (its the mainline thing, I like compromise) Thoughts? Its def. a good reframing, but I’m trying to figure out the truth of it (I tend … Continue reading

MaryAnn McKibben Dana’s #pastorin3words

awesomeness abounds Asked her to describe her job as a pastor in 3 words She said….#pastorin3words non-anxious presence. witness to grace. being the grownup. naming the holy.   Then she posted on Facebook, what I think names my theology perfectly   MaryAnn McKibben Dana‘s status.     God is weird, all the time. All the … Continue reading

Anectdotal Woman (or) 24 churches and a feminist

There are lots of stories about women in the Bible. Not all of them have names, but its nice to experience the parable. So I’m going to tell a parable about an unnamed woman. And then I’m going to tell a lot of anecdotes that are by no means scientific but start to bear out … Continue reading

Faith and Doubt

Faith and Doubt If you read the about me statement of faith, you will see that I don’t believe everything all the time (technically I think that’s impossible). However, I stand as a Christian and trust that God fills those gaps for me (partially thru the church). Here is a post about a pastor who … Continue reading

“I believe in t…

“I believe in therapy” True Story from a Pastor-type-friend

Picture a pasto…

Picture a pastor–chances are you didn’t picture someone like me…now picture church–nope that’s not how I do that either… 🙂 You keep saying that word, I don’t think it means what you think it is 

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