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Empty Church

GA is coming, that’s Presbyterian Speak for our large governmental gathering “General Assembly” where we discuss worrying things like Our Investments (or not) in Israel, How important gay issues really are (or aren’t), and……the fact that there are no young people in the church. Debate will ensue about most of these issues, except the last … Continue reading

My God, Your God, let’s call the whole thing off

Ok, recently there was an article in The Atlantic about the state of religion in America. Some salient quotes include “They found that young non-Christians have profoundly negative views of Christians. For instance, among 16- to 29-year-old non-Christians, Christians were viewed as “anti-gay” (91 percent), judgmental (87 percent), hypocritical (85 percent), sheltered (78 percent) and—surprise—”too … Continue reading

This sounds just like “Bible Study”…what’s different about all of this?

My Presbytery is trying to explore the whole 1,001 worshipping communities/church planting.  As we did we talked over exciting interest for starting a house church in the college area…   and we were discussing how to go about, different ideas and resources (i.e. Messy Church etc.) and someone asked “Can someone tell me, how this … Continue reading

Embodied Spirituality: (w)holistic faith and what it means

Good Examples of Embodied Spirituality tend to be as follows yoga monks working liturgical dance and Mr. Rogers (because he’s the Presbyterian Superhero of faith 🙂 Here is the Spiritual but not religious issue in sum: Christianity–more and more abstracted and spiritualized religion, emphasizing the moral lessons of the Bible, essentializing Jesus as love and … Continue reading

How do we get more people to come to church?

In the line of https://katyandtheword.wordpress.com/2012/07/27/a-post-about-being-post-well-post-everything/ let’s consider what the church really is!!

When your in debt…

Maybe this is really obvious to other people, but apparently its not really helpful to go to a big stewardship conference when you are about $100,000 in debt. (at least it not if your me….) There I’ve gone and said it. My family and I are over $100,000 in debt, and the end seems nowhere … Continue reading

The Art of Asking

How can we give away our fruit? How can we build community? How can we stop looking at the bottom line? Or my take on it, how can we be fig trees https://katyandtheword.wordpress.com/2013/03/03/the-fig-tree/

The Fig Tree

One day Jesus told a parable (Luke 13:1-9)…there was a fig tree and the master came out to inspect it. “This tree has been here 3 years and never produced fruit, cut it down” “Tell you what, I’ll dig out a new home for the tree and give it fresh fertilizer (and water), why don’t … Continue reading

Life, Fairy Tales, God, Children: How Katy Works

Why do I go to church? You know, most people my age don’t go to church Most of them don’t even believe in religion They may believe in God, but if they do it tends not to be the “standard” version of God These people are usually identified as “nones‘ (which is kind of a … Continue reading

Dear Child: Faith is a journey. –Love God

Faith is a journey, and sometimes that journey isn’t an easy one. But as we learn more and more about Jesus, here is what we learned 1. Jesus did ministry on the move. You notice that Jesus is almost always making his way between cities? Sure Israel is the size of the New Jersey but … Continue reading

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