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Mother’s Day, one holiday in the life of a working pastor mom

For me mother’s day is getting up around 6am to help my children get ready for church. I get their clothing (laundry being the only thing my husband doesn’t like to do AT ALL). I actually had laid out our clothing the night before, but my leggings for under my tunic on a rainy day … Continue reading

Ministry Matters #ministry #clergy #testify

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAJTtfVaOgU “when are you going into ministry” when do we ask that…”Ministry still matters

Handy Dandy Tips for Navigating #PCUSA call process for PNC from a pastor

Dear PNC,      1. You are awesome, seriously this is a lot of work, much group prayer and more! Here are some things I’ve learned from “my” perspective as a candidate that might help you know the process a. this is not a corporate job–its more like dating, the interest needs to be mutual. Although … Continue reading

MaryAnn McKibben Dana’s #pastorin3words

awesomeness abounds Asked her to describe her job as a pastor in 3 words She said….#pastorin3words non-anxious presence. witness to grace. being the grownup. naming the holy.   Then she posted on Facebook, what I think names my theology perfectly   MaryAnn McKibben Dana‘s status.     God is weird, all the time. All the … Continue reading

Small Church, New Church, Old Church, Blue Church: Credo Reflections

“Trust the Process” Credo is a great program started by Episcopalians and picked up by the Presbyterians to help with clergy health and welfare (emotional, spiritual, physical, mental, financial). Its a process to work, worship and create so that a rule of life can be developed. This year the Presbyterians are running the first ever … Continue reading

Because my son…

Because my son asked me if men could be pastors too, and it made me cry #YesAllWomen Yesallwomen

Family Church

I went to General Assembly in 2012 as an observer…which meant, literally that I was there with absolutely no ulterior motives, I just wanted to see how things worked. My husband, my three children and my mother came with me. Luckily, my husband had friends in Pittsburgh, where it was, so he was interested in … Continue reading

Faith and Doubt

Faith and Doubt If you read the about me statement of faith, you will see that I don’t believe everything all the time (technically I think that’s impossible). However, I stand as a Christian and trust that God fills those gaps for me (partially thru the church). Here is a post about a pastor who … Continue reading

Millennial Pastorin’

During a clergy luncheon a pastor related a story where her confirmation mentor was part of a women’s fellowship, so she spent much of her adolescent spiritual life with a group of post-menopausal women……the clergy women laughed and then reflected on how this was probably the perfect experience a young pastor needs to lead a … Continue reading


  Ok, Oberlin got me with this poster There were a million other reasons why I went, but this was the primary one. Its also why I go to church. (as opposed to sitting at home and being spiritual) When I was 10 I was confirmed as an adult I was assisting with Sunday School … Continue reading

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