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Favorite-est things from #2015

The good stuff from this year… Continue reading


and…for my #fairytale friends #Cinderella thoughts by Malinda Lo

http://www.malindalo.com/2015/03/ash-in-korean-and-other-thoughts-on-cinderella/ “Did you notice that the illustration of the girl on the cover looks Asian? The moment I noticed that, I had to sit down. You see, in my imagination, the main character looks Asian. That’s not clear in the book, and I’ve written before about why it’s OK if you (the reader) didn’t get … Continue reading

#book #hangover

book hangover…when you finished a good new series and your other good ones are pretty much memorized, so its hard to read anything

Books, Parenting, Not Scary Christians

book proposal 4 #christian #parenting written by my pastor-parents & me 4 @ChalicePress rt if u want more open ended parenting resources — Kathryn Stenta (@bookkats) August 1, 2014

All organizing …

All organizing is science fiction. What does a world without poverty look like? What does a world without prisons look like? What does a world with everyone having enough food and clothing look like? We don’t know. It’s science fiction, and it is as foreign to us as the Klingon homeworld (which is called Q’onos … Continue reading

Ch 7: Angst

Its just a cookbook, I take a deep breath and exhale–careful not to growl this time. Think about good things…don’t angst out….seriously….is this what living alone for too long means? That everything causes angst? Good things, Good things. 1) She reads b) She talks to herself, so she’s crazy, hopefully crazy like me, like in … Continue reading

This year I will……

This year I will talk to dragons, I will spend the time I need to with fairies and fight off the bad guys with a sword. I will flirt outrageously I will laugh more than ever I will be sure to build as many towers as I knock down, and remember that journeying to the … Continue reading

Christmas Books: Classics, Children’s, Adult’s, Books you didn’t know were about Christmas

Every year I look for a great Christmas book to read during Advent. Here are some that I enjoy over and over again!     A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens: Ever actually read the book? Its a good read out loud Tale.           The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S. … Continue reading

Nanowriting and other musing

Culturally I am very interested in how the arts are playing out for millennials.  I mean we’re mostly broke, so maybe creativity will abound? (this is my hope) Let’s review Couch Surfers Open Source Computer Programs Etsy Carshares and now I’ve re-discovered nanowriMo: National Novel Writing Month(which I’ve heard of briefly last year): in which you … Continue reading

The Hermione Method

  “Harry — I think I’ve just understood something! I’ve got to go to the library!” And she sprinted away, up the stairs.“What does she understand?” said Harry distractedly, still looking around, trying to tell where the voice had come from.“Loads more than I do,” said Ron, shaking his head.“But why’s she got to go to … Continue reading

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