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Why Evangelism Needs a New Metaphor by Emily Rose Proctor

Background photo: Tawnyowl/Pixabay, CC0.Manipulation and design layout: Elizabeth Stark Emily Rose Proctor is a pastor and poet who grew up in South Alabama, escaping to the frozen North to attend Williams College, where she was awarded the Bullock Prize for Poetry by the Academy of American Poets in 2003. Her poetry has since been accepted for publication by The…

“I don’t believe it, but I’m sticking to it. That’s my definition of faith.”

“I don’t believe it, but I’m sticking to it. That’s my definition of faith.”My Brief Theology of Belief vs. FaithBelief is individualFaith is communal Belief is confessionalFaith is God given Belie… Source: “I don’t believe it, but I’m sticking to it. That’s my definition of faith.”

#reading 2017

#fantasy culture and #faith & what it means

In the long history of Christianity, Western literature changed after Jesus came upon the scene, then fairy tales… (also, too I’d love to do a long history of anime and its reflection/fascination with the Christ story…letme know if you ever get to studying that!!) Fairy tales: you know, where people are loved into being/transformed into … Continue reading

#Dancing (#story)

She danced. Her and her sisters, danced around the ambassadors and the senators. Never saying anything serious, yet looking like everything that was said was being seriously considered. She danced as she put on her clothes, dancing to the mirrors, periodically checking her front for stains, floating her hands ever so gently to her head … Continue reading

#2016 #fuckthisShit and #lookout2017

I don’t know about you, but 2016 was a rough one for me! I guess this is being an adult, when national news effects your daily life Starting with Police shooting minorities, to the bathroom needs of  transgender people, the election and celebrity deaths. Carrie Fisher really got me….like really got me. Princess Leia broke … Continue reading


My mother-in-law was raised Catholic. When she is in distress she calls out JesusMaryandJoseph. Its a blessing and curse…. Sometimes my soul hurts so much, I am crying out and I’m not sure if that cry is a call for help or a curse. I’m not sure what it means, I’m just crying out. When … Continue reading

A Resource:Narrative Lectionary Advent Prayers

Many Thanks to those who have pitched in to write prayers. Page will be edited as more prayers come in. These are resources, seeds and jumping off points. Hopeful they are useful!   Advent 1 Nov 27 Daniel 6:6-27 Daniel in the Lions’ Den Luke 23:1-5 Author: Pastor Andrea Allen Advent theme is “God Makes a New … Continue reading

Illustrating Ministry….#Christmas #coloring

If you are looking for a great resource for advent. I rec. the Naming of Jesus coloring set. We have been using the illustrated ministry resources for a spiritual coloring class and they are amazing. Big with good quality paper they can be framed or otherwise used. Guaranteed to arrive by advent if you order … Continue reading

#rejectedsermontitles what the #hell!

Theological update of the day. Hell is not a place God sends you as punishment. Hell is an exp (as opposed to a place). It’s the exp of the complete absence of love. If God is Love. Hell is the place without God or love. Sadly hell has been visited by many humans. Which is … Continue reading

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